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          " The brush is an extension of your heart... and you can wield it like a magic wand, painting the world around you in rainbow colours! "                                             Tania Michelle Magennis


Connecting to your TRUTH through creative expression

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

WELCOME to my online cosmic studio - SEER OF THE HEART!

My name is Tania Michelle Magennis. I am an Artist and Heart Worker..... 


I facilitate others to connect to their HEART as a sensory organ through creative expression and to listen deeply....

I love to support expansion of CONSCIOUSNESS and viewing yourself and the world around you with a NEW perspective.


The tools I use are symbolism, colour, sound healing, crystal energy, ritual and creating intentions.


I also show you how to SEE the intelligence of your HEART through a creative painting process called Intentional Creativity®

I show you how to be your OWN ORACLE, to be Your own SEER of YOUR Heart...

The experiences that I offer, create opportunities for observation, growth, transformation and possible healing as I lead you to bring more light and pellucidity into your life and by opening your HEART, return to a place of LOVE.



" With Creativity - you don't need to know anything about what is going to appear - you just need to allow and to play and to be curious and notice."

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" Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely

is made for the eye of one who sees."   RUMI


What I have to offer:



When light shines through me, I wave my wand (my paint brush) and colour the world around me.

I use poetry, ritual and setting up SACRED SPACE to set the tone of an experience.

I encourage people to develop their OWN, unique form of expression.



I lead participants to ACCESS their intuition and follow it.

I create opportunities to tap into the voice of your MUSE and listen to her wisdom.

I show others HOW to bring magic and the sacred into the everyday.


I can assist you to tell the story of YOUR life.

I give feedback that can be a CATALYST for insights into your journey - exploring colour, symbols, sacred geometry, animal totems and other treasure that may appear in your visioning and artwork.


I create journeys of discovery and invite you to join me on adventures of the HEART.

I am a torch-bearer for you to follow your own path and step into the MYSTERY that is your SELF.

I facilitate connections in online circles and HOLD SPACE for others to grow and learn.

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"Let me show you how to fill your bowl with inspiration,                 magic and nourishment for your Soul"                               

     Tania Michelle Magennis - Visionary Artist and Teacher 

Online Offerings



IMAGINE doing a painting journey in the comfort of your own home, creating a special space to allow your creative juices to flow.... This could be as simple as taking over the kitchen table for a day or actually transforming a corner of a room or a spare room into a creative sanctuary for you to spend time on feeding and nurturing your SOUL. 

My online classes are easily accessible and are structured in a series of step by step videos for you to follow at your leisure! You can set aside a block of time to complete a painting or just do a little bit each week and allow yourself time and space for processing.......

I invite you to join me on an ADVENTURE - an Adventure of exploring your Heart's desire and travelling through portals to visit the veil - the world between worlds where your MUSE dwells.

I show you how to spark your IMAGINATION and use it as the KEY to open the gateway into your own rich, deep, INNER LANDSCAPE - to use your HEART as a COMPASS to navigate this often unchartered territory of your SOUL.

You will learn HOW to ACCESS and CONNECT to the Muse so that you can hear her voice not only in your DREAMINGS but also through every day practice of ritual and PLAY.



Painting as ritual

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To get a taste of my teaching style and to explore the concept of Intentional Creativity®, I invite you to sign up to my MAILING LIST and receive a FREE class called "HEART COMPASS"

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Delight in your creative spirit!


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CRESCENT HEAD is a seaside village in the Macleay Valley located on the eastern coast of N.S.W., in Australia. The coastline is on the Tasman Sea and Killick Beach is known as one of Australia's best surf beaches, and serves as the location for the annual Crescent Head Malibu Classic. The world-famous break here is one of the longest rides in Australia.

Goolwah National Park is located in close proximity and is a perfect spot for bird and whale watching     ( May - November). Dolphins, dingos, turtles and koala can also been seen in the park. The park is full of banksia trees and melaleucas. 

Limeburners Creek National Park features significant Aboriginal cultural heritage sites that dates back thousands of years. Big Hill rainforest walking track provides scenic coastal views and lush wildlife. The walking track includes rainforest vegetation and coastal blackbutt trees. 

To the north is the Hat Head National Park.


The Aboriginal custodians of the land are the Kundabung people.

Crescent Head is a great place to recharge yourself and there is a large caravan park in the centre of town, along the creek as well as many other accomodation options available to suit all budgets.


All this is only a 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Coffs Harbour or a 45 minute drive from Port Macquarie (both have airports with flights available from major cities)

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