" By delighting in your creative spirit, it is my deepest wish that you, my beloved, discover your own uniqueness, worthiness, personal essence and truth within yourself, following your own HEART Path."

Tania Michelle Magennis Xxx

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Creativity Statement

I am a Creative Wild Woman

I am a Global Citizen

Custodian of the Earth and her Children

I am Teacher, Lover, Wife

I am a REST Revolutionist 

Expressing my Inner Landscape

I look to Nature within me and around me,

the Goddess and Stories of long ago

Myths and Legends of the Ancient Ones for inspiration

Colour is my Muse, my Passion

Creativity beams from every Essence of my Being

When in the Act of being Creative

I am elevated to another time and space

feel Unique


TANIA MAGENNIS loves using ritual and ceremony in her work. She creates altars all throughout her house and sets up a sacred space before entering into any creative journey.....often this involves working with colour vibration, the healing and spiritual qualities of crystals and essential oils and paying homage to the elements.

She has hosted women's circles as well as facilitated painting classes and loves being a weaver of magic and connection.

Tania has spent many years studying the different aspects of the GODDESS

and she love to empower women through exploring feminine (and masculine) ARCHETYPES, myths and legends.

Tania also feels she has a significant role to play in teaching young girls and women about the POWER of their menstruation and the blood mysteries of the RED TENT.

Tania has always consciously used SACRED GEOMETRY in her creative expression and working within a mandala at a workshop led by Karen Scott in Victoria, Australia, was the beginning of her long relationship with painting, approximately 20 years ago..... 

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" When I am painting or creatively expressing myself, I go into a meditative space of timelessness......I feel light, translucent and my canvas becomes a magic portal for me to enter into.......I have a deep KNOWING of connecting to my Heart's truth. I will always paint for my own personal wellbeing, nourishment and spirituality. 

I know that I can take any topic or issue to the canvas, and through the process of INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® I can re-write old stories and beliefs, find new perspectives, and expand my own consciousness. I can create the future.......right now, in this very moment!


Colour has always been an important part of my expression - I just can't imagine being ME without it!

I find it is a very  ALCHEMICAL experience working with it - whether that's in what I wear or what I dip into with my paint brush......"

Tania Michelle Magennis

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"There are two ways of spreading light: 

To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"

Edith Wharton

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In my work, it is my desire to do both! To inspire and ignite others to listen to their HEART SPEAK, but also to act as a mirror and reflect the LIGHT language that I see within you........acting as a catalyst for insight.