Consciousness of the heart

Free resources:

Inner Critic and Muse Skit : Listen to the banter between these 2 voices we all carry inside us. Learn how to distinguish one from the other.......Click button on left to access.

Experience the Guided Visualisation called THE GARDEN IN YOUR HEART and follow the steps for a journal prompt exercise to reveal symbols for you to work with........Click button the left to access.


Who lives in here? ~ Sue Hoya Sellars

What are you here to cause and create? ~ Shiloh Sophia

What ancient knowing lives within these hands? ~ Lenore Thomas Straus

Curator of curiosity 

CURIOSITY and Play ignite the Muse into form and through a process of Intentional Creativity ® - using inquiry, mark-making, symbolism and painting a cosmic "face", you will learn of the transformative whisperings that the Muse has to share with you......

At times there will be adventure, danger and unforeseen mischief as we enter into the world between worlds where SHE dwells. I invite you to join me on this Quest of mystery and intrigue, to DELIGHT IN YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT.........