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Lets take a look at HOW we can set up an Altar - paying homage to the elements of Earth/Water/Air & Fire as well as looking at the cardinal directions of North/South/East and West.

In this offering we look at the traditional Northern and Southern Hemisphere rituals and then we take it a step further.....how can we specifically relate to this in our OWN backyards!

Consciousness of the heart

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Inner Critic and Muse Skit : Listen to the banter between these 2 voices we all carry inside us. Learn how to distinguish one from the other.......Click button on left to access.

Experience the Guided Visualisation called THE GARDEN IN YOUR HEART and follow the steps for a journal prompt exercise to reveal symbols for you to work with........Click button on the left to access.

Elemental Altars - FREE OFFERINGS

The following series of WATER PAPER Altars were inspired by an ancient chant called " EARTH MY BODY" :

Each of the elements of Earth/Water/Air and Fire have specific wisdom and teachings for us to learn. Each of these "mini-classes" explores an Element and using the materials of water colour paper and medium along with acrylic paint we create Altars to honour and celebrate this wisdom!

Earth My Body Altar


  Water My Blood Altar


Air My Breath Altar


Fire My Spirit Altar