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IMAGINE doing a painting journey in the comfort of your own home, creating a special space to allow your creative juices to flow.... This could be as simple as taking over the kitchen table for a day or actually transforming a corner of a room or a spare room into a creative sanctuary for you to spend time on feeding and nurturing your SOUL. 

My online classes are easily accessible and are structured in a series of step by step videos for you to follow at your leisure! You can set aside a block of time to complete a painting or just do a little bit each week and allow yourself time and space for processing.......

Each layer of the painting becomes it's own journey as I pose INQUIRIES and suggest methods of setting and using INTENTION.


I invite you to join me on an ADVENTURE - an Adventure of exploring your Heart's desire and travelling through portals to visit the veil - the world between worlds where your MUSE dwells.

I show you how to spark your IMAGINATION and use it as the KEY to open the gateway into your own rich, deep, INNER LANDSCAPE - to use your HEART as a COMPASS to navigate this often unchartered territory of your SOUL.

You will learn HOW to ACCESS and CONNECT to the Muse so that you can hear her voice not only in your DREAMINGS but also through every day practice of ritual and PLAY.


You can find ALL my classes in the sub-headings under THIS page of the menu bar!!!!

" With Creativity - you don't need to know anything about what is going to appear - you just need to allow and to play and to be curious and notice."

Painting as ritual


free resources:

Lets take a look at HOW we can set up an Altar - paying homage to the elements of Earth/Water/Air & Fire as well as looking at the cardinal directions of North/South/East and West.

In this offering we look at the traditional Northern and Southern Hemisphere rituals and then we take it a step can we specifically relate to this in our OWN backyards!

Consciousness of the heart

Free resources:

Inner Critic and Muse Skit : Listen to the banter between these 2 voices we all carry inside us. Learn how to distinguish one from the other.......Click button on left to access.

Experience the Guided Visualisation called THE GARDEN IN YOUR HEART and follow the steps for a journal prompt exercise to reveal symbols for you to work with........Click button the left to access.

1:1 TUITION with Tania

I offer personalised 1:1 sessions for Adults (venue to be negotiated) where we will use ritual, crystals, Intentional Creativity® teachings, and symbolism to create a unique QUEST tailored to your own personal needs and desires as a Painting Journey.

These are 5 x 1 1/2 hour block sessions for $250 ($50 per session)

BYO Canvas 

This includes an initial interview at NO COST!