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CURATOR of CURIOSITY - Painting Journey

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This is a painting journey using the methodology of


There are 5 chapters making up this class, and by using the process of the

13 steps and using a range of mark-making techniques you are shown how to create a unique, custom made painting of the iconic face

of YOUR very own MUSE.

Each layer has its own unique process and the painting is created by

building layer upon layer.

As well as a painting journey, participants will also be on a self-discovery exploration of inquiries related to their own sense of be-ing and how they operate in the world.

They will be encouraged to put on "rose coloured glasses" and ignite their sense of curiosity to delve into the light they hold within them and listen to what their own unique "HEART SPEAK " is...

" SEE with new eyes, LISTEN with new depth, SPEAK with new language. Open your Heart and connect with your own REAL truth within........."


Let me show you HOW to get playful and curious on the canvas........

Let me show you HOW to activate your imagination

Let me show you HOW to explore the teachings of Intentional Creativity ®

Let me show you HOW to distinguish the voice of the Critic from your Muse

Let me show you HOW to ignite your Creative Spark!

Let me show you HOW to embody the essence of the Muse and

Let me show you HOW to bring her into form 

Let me show you HOW to listen to your Heart's truest voice

DISCOVER what your very own cultural content is and what symbols are lying within .....waiting to be revealed!

This is an invitation to journey to the "world between worlds" and experience your own inner wisdom and knowing


I will GUIDE you, step-by- step, in pre-recorded videos that you can download and watch in the comfort of your own home

What others have said:

" Tania is a gifted teacher who has inspired me to dive deep into my connection with my Muse. She gently guides me through word and paint into the mystery....seeking transformation through the process.

I am having so much FUN going into the magic my Muse is leading me into......the transformation is Soul awakening"

Nan Sterrie (USA)


Discover. Create. Connect


Once you have registered, you will receive a list of all materials required!

Please allow up to 24 hours for an email to be sent to you (TIME ZONE differences)

You will receive:

* A letter of welcome with links to Five Chapters of videos

* An invitation to the private Facebook group "HEART SPEAK" where you can share your progress, gain support and be witnessed with your process, ask questions and receive art doctoring advice

* In total there are 42 video clips that make up this package that you can download at your leisure

* A guided visualisation experience

NOTE - Option to use a payment plan : 3 x payments of $50 AUD and 1 x $45 AUD

Questions? CONTACT : fireinherbelly@iinet.net.au

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What others have said;

“ I has been an honour to participate in “Curator of Curiosity.” Tania Magennis has packed this offering with her heart and soul, and leads the curious on a magical journey. I felt like Tania was in the room with me, and her joyful personality and playful spirit made the videos a delight to watch and hear. She guided me into the mystery, teaching how to lean into the muse and quiet the critic. She taught about composition, color choice, glazing, brush choices, layering, glow, and more…and gave as much attention to listening to the whisper of the Muse as to the techniques of bringing her forth. From creating an altar to the final blessing of the canvas, this is a spiritual healing journey on canvas. If you’ve ever wondered what Intentional Creativity is all about—this is the workshop to take! ” ~Dawn Karolides (USA)


"Pain Opens the Door For Grace to Enter" Dawn Karolides