Earth Connections

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I have a deep desire to explore my place as a woman in relationship to the Earth and interconnectedness with all other living creatures and organisms. I believe we are ALL part of Nature, that we are one in the same....My SPIRITUAL PRACTICE is closely related to Earth based practices.

By connecting to the Earth, in a conscious and playful way, I believe we can remember our own unique wilding self, the one that "the Earth imagined into Being!" What our purpose is and HOW to be in rhythm with the Earth and Moon cycles, and in turn our own cycles as Humans....

That through CONSCIOUS living we can see, feel and imagine ourselves as belonging to the land where we live, the Planet and the greater Universe and beyond...

The offerings I have here are about exploring this relationship on a deeper level, tuning into the Seasonal Festivals of the Wheel of the Earth (particularly what happens in your own backyard!), the GODDESS, and how we can work with animals and plants as GUIDES.


CONNECTING to your natural environment around you, is understanding and connecting to your OWN nature. Through exploring myths, rituals and ancient traditions of those who came before us, those who had an intrinsic relationship with the land we can often find ourselves making more meaningful decisions in our every day life and have a greater sense of wellbeing and perhaps even a mid-life awakening to what is our true authentic identity is! And to step into being custodians for Mother Earth and making the world a better place for those coming behind us.........



Playing in the Elemental Realms, wielding rainbow ribbon wands and journeying into portals of other times and dimensions, into the worlds of the fantastical with the Fae, Dragons, and other magical creatures has always been a way of exploring with my INNER CHILD. I LOVVVE noticing small things and small details and my imaginative way of looking at the world around me often sees signs and shapes suggestive that magic is afoot!

As an Adult, this CONSCIOUS PLAY has become more important now than ever, to connect to my own DIVINE ESSENCE and deepen my relationship with the natural "Kin" all around me - rocks, trees, rivers, ocean, birds and animals....


I love using crystals, myths and fairy tales to reveal secret messages and psychology of archetypal patterns and relationships. I also have a keen interest in working closely with flower and herbal essences and their diva spirits and developing my knowledge of the DOCTRINE of SIGNATURES, which I like to think of as the "Language" of plants! And in this way, working with flowers and herbs can be thought of as a bridge between the seen and unseen....

I have a close affinity with Gnomes and Pixies and I love Brian Froud's work! And then there is the DRAGONS!!! I have several crystal Dragon skulls that I meditate and work closely with. They accompany me on bush walks and places deep in forests and often oversee any ritual work that I am doing. Working with their energy is a relatively new experience and I am still connecting to their powerful ways.

My song of SOVEREIGNTY to the LAND:

"Earth: I am here to walk with joy and curiosity in each step I take.

I take each step consciously connected to land and ocean and to follow the path as the Earth imagined me into being.

Water: I am here to feel bud-bursts of wonder as I open all my senses to the world around me. I swim in the flow of enchanted waters.

Air: I am here to vision wild shenanigans, plant seeds of magic and to tend to the spiral of my own conscious evolution. I focus on the mystery that is greater than the stars.

Fire: I am here to make choices from the place of my Heart Flame that spark delight in my own creative spirit as well as that of others around me. I use my light to be a wayshower of the Sacred Art of the Willy Nilly! 

Soul: I connect to my Soul through setting up sacred space and ritual and listening deeply to the gnowing of my Heart. I am open to receiving divine love as a reflection of the essence of who I truly am."

I believe I am a Portal Opener!

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