Honouring the GAIA within you - painting journey

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In Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of the Earth, she is the ancestral Mother of all Life, the primal Mother Earth Goddess.

The mythological name was revived in mainstream society in  1979 by James Lovelock in his book “Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth” where he described his “Gaia Hypothesis" – that all living organisms and inorganic material are part of a dynamic system that shapes the Earth’s biosphere, and maintains the Earth as a fit environment for life.

And science linked with what our Ancestors knew long ago - that

"All things are part of one single system, which is called Nature; the individual life is good when it is in harmony with Nature."

(Greek Philosopher Zeno, 300-260 BC)

In this Intentional Creativity® journey, we are going to explore the idea of YOU as the personification of Gaia (and thus the Earth), that we are indeed one in the same as the natural environment around us, not separate……

We will be delving into aspects of Deep Ecology, the Web of Life, Bio symbiotic relationships and the notion of Biophilia.

By re-connecting with nature around you, that you are in fact, reconnecting with the nature within you! And as you heal your own wounds that you carry, that you in turn heal the Earth.

"We are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the Earth"  D H Lawrence

Did you know that we are In "The Age of Ecology?"

I wonder what this means for you? What does it look like in YOUR life? How does it impact your day-to-day choices? How do you talk about it with others?

When you consider "Honouring Gaia," what immediately comes to mind for you? What are the subjects that you care about most deeply when you talk about the Earth, Mother Earth, the Great Creatrix?

We will be exploring all of these INquiries and MORE in this adventure of the Heart......

What others are saying:

"It was a surprising thing to link colour to seasons and REALLY notice what is happening around me - what the animals and plants are doing, where the water is, what the colour changes in the clouds are.... It's a very emotional thing to still yourself and FEEL into every season, away from the traditional  4 seasons that we all just assume." 

Danielle  Boothroyd (Australia)








"Explore how you BELONG to the planet, what your relationship IS with Mother Earth and HOW you BELONG to your local landscape........"


Once you have registered, you will receive a list of materials along with WELCOME letter that connects you to the VIMEO platform to access over 60 video clips that make up the package of this class!


You will also be invited to join the private Facebook Group "HEART SPEAK" where you can share your progress, join up with others doing the class and receive any support or ask questions about the process.

In total there is over 10 hours of footage, divided into just over 60 videos

to view! All videos are downloadable, so you can go at your own pace to process the material that you are looking at. This includes a Guided Visualisation experience and also links to articles and speakers that have influenced my own thoughts and revelations....

NOTE - Option to use a payment plan: 3 x payments of $50 AUD and 1 x $45 AUD available

Questions? CONTACT: fireinherbelly@iinet.net.au


Let me lead you through the cycles of Mother Earth and cycles of painting the layers using the methodology of Intentional Creativity®

Let me lead you through The Great Remembering of how our Ancestors lived and how we can relate these teachings to our every day lives

Let me lead you to explore HOW we are interconnected and what this might look like for you

Let me lead you to revealing the face of your VERY OWN personification of GAIA

Let me show you how to find her essence and form through listening to the voice of your MUSE!

Discover your sensory connection to the Natural World around you, within you, your consciousness and even your DNA!

Paint the SEASONS that you really live

Paint your OWN palette of BE-ing!

This is an invitation to join me on an adventure of the Heart and experience the natural world that you've always carried within you.....


I will GUIDE you, step-by-step, in pre-recorded videos that you can watch in the comfort of your own home 


deepen the experience with journalling your insights!


Intentional Creativity® is a meta-cognitive painting process.....

where you "paint your thinking" through mark making, colour choices, symbols and forms.

It is a magical way to enter into your OWN internal landscape and discover the wellspring of wisdom that you hold within.

And then to connect this to the outside world that is your reality, every day!

It is a fun and structured process that allows for lots of


in your own UNIQUE way. 

Perfect for beginners and experienced painters alike......

By responding to INquiries that I pose to you and being led step-by-step through each layer of the painting, you will build your very own complex, rich and unique reflection of YOURSELF!

Taking notes and reflecting your thoughts and feelings in a journal adds depth to the experience and allows you to document and record the WHOLE process in detail.

This is a REALLY beautiful adventure of the Heart that is very TIMELY for what is going on in the world around us, and offers you a way of navigating your concerns and thoughts for the future...

Mother Earth is a Creative force to be reckoned with, and guess what!?!


Your creative expression is a tangible and wonder filled way to connect to the Natural World around you


reveal what has always been there...


Live your life believing " What I do matters "

" Tania is a passionate teacher who takes great pleasure in guiding and supporting me to develop my intuition and discover my Muse through her painting journeys.

Tania has a way of individualising the whole process which resulted in some surprising symbols and personal journeys that were translated onto the canvas. 

She is authentic and emotive and I felt like I was part of her personal journey as well as my own.

The amount of knowledge and personal experience Tania has, is generously shared and I am forever grateful for the changes this painting journey of "Honouring my Gaia Within" has brought about in me. "

Danielle Boothroyd (Australia)



" When I started this class, I thought that I was reasonably well connected to Planet Earth and Mother Nature, and through this beautifully crafted class, I discovered an even deeper connection.


Tania led me on a magical journey of ritual, visioning, painting and journalling. Each step is clearly demonstrated and additional information is offered in short video clips that I found well worth watching. Tania's passion for her subject matter is absolutely inspiring and I have found myself wanting to contribute to my local community more than I have been. Topics such as recycling and re-purposing have become even more important to me than they were before.


I absolutely loved the rituals and the honouring of Mother Earth with paint on the canvas and found myself discovering hidden messages from my muse as she arrived!


This is a class that anyone can do.. from a beginner to a seasoned artist. All you need is an open heart and willingness to participate. I highly recommend it as a way of deepening your connection with and to this planet we call home. 


Thank you for this beautiful and rewarding class Tania, you are amazing! "


Rosie Mac

Registered Nurse and Artist




 "Honouring the Gaia Within" by Danielle Boothroyd, Victoria, Australia

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"Honouring the Gaia Within" by Rosie Mac, Christchurch,  New Zealand

What others are saying:

"Its really obvious that you are passionate about what you are sharing.....it's a wonderful reminder of the astonishing beauty of nature!"

Rosie Mac (New Zealand)