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Tania is a Color of Woman certified facilitator (2016) with U.S Artist, Shiloh Sophia McCloud. Through the practice of INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® and the 13 steps, she leads others on a self-discovery of potential healing and transformation. By using the canvas as a portal we can ACCESS our inner landscapes and deep knowing (that is often forgotten and untouched in the business of every day life) to reveal WHO we truly are.


INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® gives us space to revise limiting beliefs we have been living with and at times burdened with, and to rewrite a new story to live into. We can move energy, through our creativity, to break through from feeling "stuck" or "unheard." To create new and exciting dreams (or perhaps remember old ones) and be innovators and "movers and shakers" of our own lives!

INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® is creating with mindfulness and activating both sides of our brain so we can tap into our own potential. We then delve into "the world between worlds" to CONNECT with our MUSE - she who dwells in our HEART.

INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® is a practice for empowerment and resilience - "When we work with image through symbols and language how we experience ourselves....our world shifts. We are able to "move on " or through things quicker. When we create, we change our energy structure, which creates expanded freedom in personal experience."

 This aspect of our work is supported by neuroscience, what happens in the brain waves when one creates, how our brain fires, as well as how our body responds...


"Creativity gives us a way to work with our empowering our personal story through providing access to the often hidden self. Our stories of our lives can and does hold us back. We can change our capacity for creating new stories, but not just in a conceptual way, but through making form (art). This form, actually informs us about ourselves. Each of us has unique content, a way to make their way in the world, but most of us don’t know how to get to it or how to express it. Creativity creates new synapses in our brain, and therefore helps us learn to think in new and compelling ways that are unique to our own gifts, and express them."

Shiloh Sophia McCloud

You can read MORE about INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® here:

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Tania with Shiloh Sophia in Melbourne, Australia in 2017!


Once you have met your MUSE - there will be no turning back!

By definition, a MUSE is a source of artistic inspiration, and as a verb, it is to consider something thoughtfully. In the teachings of INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY ® the Muse is a metaphoric tool of Creativity and she is an extension of yourSELF and your own truest voice - what I like to call, your "HEART SPEAK."

Your Muse is yours and yours alone - she is personal and unique to just YOU! When you learn how to gain access to her, and listen deeply for her whisperings and messages, she will guide you from a place of love and from your truest voice. She is your inner knowing or intuition and being in relationship with her, enables you to tap into your potential and your authentic creative expression....whether you see yourself as artistic or not!

In the world between worlds, we are no longer conditioned by family, culture or society, we are no longer held back by limiting beliefs or untruths. There is NO judgement, criticism or saying "I can't" or "I shouldn't". Rather, our Muse delights in our creative spirit, she reminds us to play, be whimsical, to see the world in awe and wonder. She reminds us to notice the small details, to be present in the moment and to connect to the natural world around us........she helps us to identify and claim our gifts and talents and shows us how to share them in the world! 

"By focusing our attention and awareness on her, we are, in essence, keeping our mind focused on what our heart desires to create"   Jassy Earthist Watson (Australia)

In my own experience, my MUSE is the one who frees me from MYSELF and seeks to expand my consciousness. She loves to throw new ideas and concepts at me and challenge all my prior knowing and experiences. She wants me to evolve spiritually, emotionally and cosmically - to "Seer my vibration of energy and light," as I am made of stardust and have LOTS of magic to sprinkle!


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