Imaginal Illuminations

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“the silent space inbetween the two worlds – a space where although there is apparent stillness, it is where the real transformation is happening”

Elisabet Sahtouris

This is a NEW venture where Sound Vibration, Intentional Creativity® and "The Sacred Art of the Willy Nilly" come together to cocoon a participant into a sacred chrysalis for a potential mind/body & spirit soothing and healing experience.

A RECONNECTION to the Nature of yourSELF!

There are SEVEN aspects to the philosophy (a wonderful reflection of the RAINBOW!!!) and through exploration of each of the 7 aspects, there will be inquiries to ponder on and participants will be invited to use a range of mark-making tools, stencils, brush strokes and to "play" and practice the SACRED ART OF THE WILLY NILLY (without direction or planning:haphazardly) using their intuition and freedom of each week could be thought of as a PAINTING MEDITATION.

Participants will be asked to keep a journal of their experience and asked to look for for symbols and elements between session times to weave into their journey....

So with this course, there is also a COMMITMENT to weekly "Dream Walking" days, where participants REWILD to the natural environment closest to them!To spend at least an afternoon (ideally a WHOLE DAY) venturing outside to connect with Earth Kin and Nature Spirits, along with a delicious picnic and a thermos of tea.....

There will be a process guided to you of then documenting the day's outing into a format that will contribute to your painting process. 

Working with crystals will be an integral part of the experience..........

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“When you can step from the void, from the outside to the inside with NO fear – then you can see that the veil was only ever an illusion, placed there by yourself for your own teaching – it was YOUR fruit of the rose….” 

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