We believe love, belonging and connection are the universal sources of

true well-being.

By remembering who we are and re-connecting to nature,

we develop a greater love for ourselves and others and find more passion for life.

We are committed to sharing the alchemy of creativity,

colour and intention for greater wellbeing.

Join us to claim your sovereignty, to discover the Goddess and learn a magical approach to modern day living.

" The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our Souls. "

Pablo Picasso


Danie and Tania connected through the shared experience of training in Intentional Creativity® in 2017.

They are Shamanic Priestesses of Colour & Creativity.

Having trained in a variety of Vibrational Healing Modalities and combined with their life experiences, they have many aspects of Goddess Wisdom, Self Awareness and Healing to share with you...

Danie is a Vibrational Medicine Facilitator and Mixed Media Artist with a love for Colour, Creativity, Crystals and Connection.

She loves inspiring and empowering women to nurture themselves more and connect with their own innate wisdom, guidance and gifts.

She loves assisting others to create conscious change in their lives, to recognise their unlimited potential, and to live their life with passion, purpose and greater wellbeing.

Tania is an Artist, Facilitator and weaver of Magic. Her passion is working with Colour, Texture and Symbolism in her expression and she loves to use paint on canvas and create Tools of Self-Empowerment.

Tania regularly incorporates using Altars and Ritual in her offerings and she follows the path of the Goddess in her Spiritual Practice.

She loves to support others delighting in their Creative Spirits and to discover their own Heart Path.


In 2019, SHIMMER SISTARS held their first ART TRAIL event, collaborating with 6 other Artists to celebrate "Inspire Your Heart With Art" day....

Participants were invited to follow the "Trail" of links and visit each Artist's facebook page where they could part take in a FREE offering by that Artist or view an online Gallery of that Artist's work!

In March 2019, SHIMMER SISTARS ran their first Retreat Gathering -

"Claiming Your Sovereignty" at the beautiful North Farm Retreat on the outskirts of Belligen in NSW. Participants were treated to 4 star accomodation and 3 days of celebrating a rite-of-passage into their MAGA stage of life and embodying the Queen of Her own Heart.....

Participants did a 13 step Intentional Creativity® painting of their MAGA archetype along with creating a sacred wand and crown as tools of empowerment.

There was a trip to a Labyrinth, a dip in the salt-water pool and lots of intimate discussions in between the creative of course time to reflect and contemplate and simply soak up the beautiful surroundings!

Who is the MAGA muse?

Here at SHIMMER SISTARS, Danie May and I both recognise our entry into the Maga phase of life. In fact we called our collaboration “SHIMMER SISTARS” to honour our rite-of-passage with being in our “shimmering “ years……and wearing our crown of grey hair!

Another way of thinking about the Maga Archetype, is to think of her as


We have held a retreat and done workshops around this archetype, especially focusing on HOW the Queen can access her SOVEREIGNTY and explored what this might look like for individuals in their own lives.We have supported sistars to create tools of empowerment, explored animal totems to connect with and conducted rite-of-passage ceremonies.

We have supported women to view this time of this life as something precious and to be celebrated – rather than feeling invisible and purposeless. It is a time for NEW beginnings, NEW ways of Be-ing and NEW ways of operating as a reflection of your own divine femininity!

In Ancient cultures, the notion of the Goddess was always thought of as three aspects : Maiden, Mother and Crone, depicting the life stages of a women. Each archetype had its own unique strengths and gifts and in days gone by, each revered by the rest of the tribe on how those strengths contributed to the all members of the tribe.

The Crone, who was often thought as the “wisdom keeper” was usually a women in her 30s or 40s, and life expectancy may have been around 50 years…..some women not even reaching menopause before death!

In our modern culture, women are living longer, often still working in their 50s, going through menopause and living many, many years after that! Menopause can almost be thought of as mid-life really. And thus, there has been an evolution in the phases of the Goddess, to include a 4th phase called the “Maga” archetype, that encompasses menopause and comes after Mother and before Crone.

I first came across this concept of the Maga, when I attended a MOONSONG workshop with Jane Hardwicke-Collings at a Seven Sisters Festival, in Victoria, Australia in 2007. It resonated wildly with me!!!!!!!!

Especially the link made between this new CIRCLE of Goddess phases with not only moon phases but also with the seasons of Spring (Maiden), Summer (Mother), Maga (Autumn) and Crone (Winter).

That the Maga archetype was like the Autumn Harvest Queen, entering into her “shimmering" years if she chose to let her hair grey naturally (most of us starting with a “crown” of shimmer around our face), wearing well-earned “wisdom lines”(wrinkles), and stepping into the EMPOWERMENT of womanhood through the act of menopause…..

Consider for a moment an old Native American quote:

“ At menarche a woman enters her power. In her menstruating years, she practices her power. At menopause, she becomes her power.”

For many women, this phase of life occurs around the age of late 30s to mid 50s. Perhaps the children have left home or are young adults off making their own ways in the world. The role of “Mother” takes on a new shape and form and there may even be turmoil in this separation process along with the changes in hormones and shifts in energy with menopause.

A woman might be in the height of her career after years of experience – who has mothered projects and now knows her job so well, that less energy goes into preparation.

Whatever the circumstances, this phase offers women a time of “rebirthing” or “re-discovering” themselves. There could be a “mid-life” awakening to start questioning where she is heading and re-assessing what her values and priorities are……

There is more time available to focus on interests that might have gone by the wayside as a Maiden, more time for inward reflection and connecting into spiritualty, picking up on causes or community projects of the heart…

So menopause – which includes the peri-menopausal symptoms, is actually a

rite-of-passage in a woman’s life, to stand up with her life experience and empowerment and “give birth to herself” – or, become the “Queen of Her own Heart.”


That she can “stand in her strength, while staying in her heart” and by doing this, she is, in fact claiming her Sovereignty!