Thanks for a great weekend of creative escapism. You are an encouraging and patient teacher and I loved your step by step approach that enabled me (who has no "formal" painting experience) to really enjoy the process of "Intentional Creativity."

It was a stress free experience without any worry about how it was all going to turn out. I loved how each step encouraged us to relax into the painting and that we didn't really know where we were going with it. The end piece is a reflection of my mind's interpretation of the "Nurture" guided visualisation. The two day structure of the course was really good for me as I had the opportunity for total immersion in a project and it wasn't too long away from family and work commitments. I got a lot more out of the weekend than I expected and would certainly recommend it to people of all ages and levels of experience.

Thanks again!

Melissa, Melbourne

Tania gently and skillfully guided us through these revelatory processes to create our smash book journals and medicine basket posters. She showed us the techniques to express our insights through a joyous and free use of vibrant colour. What an adventure! I felt we were deep sea divers diving deep into the mysterious ocean of our interior realms to surface triumphant with our treasures! My ‘treasures’ were the knowing of what is most essential to my wellbeing. At the end I felt strong in my heart’s truth and I knew beyond doubt that I am connected to all life on our beautiful Earth.

Sophie, Drysdale, Victoria


The process Tania led us on was both an inward journey and an outward exploration of materials and mediums. As someone who never thought she would paint or draw or use colour, I was able to gain confidence with all of those things in this class, as well as tuning into myself and reflecting on personal symbols that I used in my compositions. Tania's vast knowledge of symbols, colour, painting, folklore, story telling (and sooo many other topics) helped me engage with the subjects and materials. Her enthusiasm and gentle guidance helped me relax into the process and feel safe to expand my self and explore. I felt like I had wandered into a whole new unexplored world and that world was mine! Amazing!!

Danielle - Moonambel, Victoria

Charlotte (13 yrs) and Kurtis (9 years) did a 4 hour session using Intentional Creativity with a theme on Whale as a totem animal. We discussed Whale medicine as how to navigate through life, diving deep into our emotions and being able to effectively communicate with others. Aspects of our discussion were embedded into layers within the painting........

These are their independent paintings!

I was completely surprised and delighted as Tania led me through a journey of "Intentional 

I am 73 years of age and have never painted a canvas, in fact, it was something I thought I would not be able to do!
The journey unfolded as I chose colours for certain values and with guidance applied them to the canvas and then, using various 'tools' and colours to represent other aspects of my theme I marvelled at the evolving creation that was appearing on my canvas!
It was a reflective and contemplative experience and I would like to encourage anyone to enter into this experience.
Tania is a very skilled facilitator and 
has the ability to tune in respectfully to her participants.

Jill, Melbourne