The gaia series - 3 online classes

The following classes are an exciting collaboration between Lulu Boyadjian (from Lulu's HeArt Centered Healing) and myself. Our collaboration called SPIRAL PATH WALKERS started in 2017.

The classes follow a sequence of messages offered to us by the magic of the COLOUR MIRROR BOTTLE SYSTEM (designed by Melissie Jolly) in the GAIA series. Thus, each class is based around one of the 3 bottles in this series. This is a modality that Lulu has been working with on a daily basis for a number of years now, and has successfully assisted her in her own healing process.

All these classes are focusing on supporting our relationship with Gaia, Mother Earth. This is a topic that is very dear to my heart and it has been a wonderful and joyful experience creating these offerings alongside Lulu.........

" I have been doing the GAIA courses with Lulu and Tania and have just loved them. They are both so loving and the way they present the courses is so honest, it is just relaxing to watch them as they speak and teach. Even though we are diving deeply and it can be a bit uncomfortable they are here with help and love and support whilst allowing us to express in our own way. If you want to do something for yourself instead of everyone around you all the time, then i highly recommend joining in. It's totally worth it.......thank you Lulu and Tania for your support and patience and love" Gabi

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G2 - core

G3 - return from atlantis