Unfurl...as the nature of the universe


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I invite you to join me on this Heart Adventure to explore what Cosmic Map you are wearing as a cooling sack of stardust!

By delving into SACRED GEOMETRY and exploring metaphors and Inquiries, we will discover YOUR PLACE in the UNIVERSE.....

As we UNFURL through the magical process of Intentional Creativity® onto the canvas, through layers of symbolic mark making, symbols and form,

we will SEE how shapes and patterns are not only everywhere around us ,

but also within us as well!

As well as exploring concepts like INTUITION, we will also look at the notion of us being a BODY WITHIN A SOUL and what this might look like on the canvas...

We will LISTEN to our HEART'S INTELLIGENCE through the voice of our Muse and we will create a starry landscape that represents our own


This is a class that will expand your Consciousness and challenge you to walk into the Mystery....the Mystery that is


" The Universe is all that is,

or ever was, or ever will be.

Our contemplations of the cosmos stir us.

There's a tingling in the spine, a catch in the voice, a faint sensation of falling from a great height.

We know we are approaching the grandest of mysteries.

The cosmos is within us.

We are made of star stuff "


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" Day and night I guarded the pearl of my Soul

Now in this ocean of pearling currents,

I've lost track of which was mine "     Rumi


SACRED GEOMETRY is an Ancient Science, a sacred language, and a KEY to understanding the way the Universe is designed. Since Ancient times mystics, sages and spiritual teachers all throughout the world have applied meaning to shapes. It has often been referred to as the "BLUE PRINT for all creation." 

" From microcosm to macrocosm,

from the first cell to the incomprehensible depths of the Universe,

patterns gather and repeat in confirmation of our CONNECTEDNESS.

When we recognise these geometric archetypes and their relationship to the underlying structure of the universe,

we see clearly that there is no separation.

We are physically and spiritually ONE "

Francene Hart - author of SACRED GEOMETRY CARDS for the Visionary path

At the heart of everything is a mathematical code that inspires, influences and informs it and how it appears in physical reality...it is the underlying and organising principle of Creation.......


Because all of nature is geometric... you are, in fact, SACRED GEOMETRY!

By exploring SACRED GEOMETRY you come to understand just how much patterns and shapes influence us in our everyday lives - from the fruit we eat, to designs we have in our clothing and architecture and even our body parts.  


 SACRED GEOMETRY can be seen in ART across many different cultures - many of the sacred geometry principles of the human body and ancient architecture were compelled into the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo da Vinci:


In the Hindu tradition, Mandalas (meaning "sacred circle") are created as a tool to facilitate contemplation and meditation. Through the process of creating, it is thought that one can reach one's centre, and therefore, one's connection to Source. Traditional Hindu mandalas follow a strict form, beginning with the squaring of the circle, representing "The marriage of Heaven and Earth." One of the most famous yantra mandalas is the Shri Yantra, a symbol of the Tantric Goddess Tripurasubdari:


Architectural designs of buildings and windows, such as the rose windows of Gothic Cathedrals are also examples of sacred mandalas - used to teach the wisdom of Christian traditions. The rose windows represent the human aspiration towards wholeness and balance :

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What are the Sacred Patterns that exist within you?

What can you see in nature around you?

What are the specific patterns or shapes

that you are drawn to?

What comes up for you when you start to think

that we are each part of a larger pattern?

Can you see yourself in this way?


Once you have registered, you will receive an email with a list of MATERIALS along with a WELCOME letter that connects you to the VIMEO platform to access over 50 video clips that make up the package of this class!

You will also be invited to join the private facebook group of HEART SPEAK" where you can share your progress, join up with others doing the class and receive any support or ask questions about the process.

In total there is over 10 hours of footage to view! All the videos are downloadable, so you can go at your own pace to process the material that you are looking at. This includes a Guided Visualisation experience and also links to articles and video clips that have inspired and influenced my own thoughts and revelations...

Questions? CONTACT: fireinherbelly@iinet.net.au


What other are saying:

"Amazing process...thank you !

 I had some resistance letting go of the signature symbol that has come to represent myself in the Intention poem (yes....it came as a poem)

But when I finally did it, epiphany !

It’s just like in shamanic journeying, when I go...above..., into the Upper world,

my access...door...is a huge Eye that appears into the Cosmos.

I dive upwards into the pupil and emerge in the Upperworld to meet my Guides "

Anna Corsini (Italy)


What others are saying:

"It is almost impossible to describe the wild and cosmic ride that this painting process and I engaged in over a period of weeks and months. What seemed like a straightforward notion - follow the steps, do some painting, learn about sacred geometry - soon turned into a cosmic spiralling within and without. The painting and I began our dance and it is still reverberating on .....small ripples and seismic shifts..... so much richness that I can feel the effects even weeks after the painting process itself was completed.

Tania is a fantastic teacher who takes us carefully through each step, whether explaining simple painting techniques or inviting us to dive deeply into the arcane mysteries of sacred geometry and myth. She takes us into ourselves and our cosmos in a way that will leave you changed and yet also knowing yourself more deeply than ever before.

Rich, fulfilling, deep work."

Frances Barker (UK)

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Patterns - nature - metaphors

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The word GEOMETRY comes from the Greek word "GEO" meaning "Earth" and "METRON" meaning " to measure"....so this can be thought of as Earthly Measurements.....The study of Geometry predates Ancient Greece to Ancient Egypt, China, the Indus Valley and other earlier civilisations. It was believed by the Ancients that some Divine order exists in the natural world, from the smallest atom and seeds of creation, to the galaxies of space, the vast infinite of the cosmos, share similar structures and patterns.....and now Science is meeting up with these Spiritual theories!

In this class we explore the symbolism of the following Sacred Geometric Patterns:

* The Womb of the Universe

* The Seed of Life

* The Egg of Life

* The Flower of Life

* The Fruit of Life

* The Tree of Life

* The Breath of Life

* The Divine Light Vehicle or Chariot of Light

* The Path of Venus

* The Golden Spiral and more......

As we explore the symbolism associated with each, we also look at HOW we can use this symbolism as a Metaphor to bring more understanding and wisdom into our own existence, relationship with the world around us, and our place within the Universe and beyond....

We also apply these learnings to design the pattern of LIFE that you wish to UNFURL into!

Consciously create your painting - layer upon layer


AWARENESS - symbolism - integration - expression